About Helmy Plastics

Helmy Assoc. & Co. Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality plastic products in the industry, and we have been doing it since 1988.

Our goal is simple: to manufacture creative and custom thermoforming solutions that address our clients specific needs.

We have thermoformed structural, decorative, industrial and packaging products for many industries, including retail, electronic, medical, cosmetics, food, computer, air-conditioning, automotive and landscaping.

Our in-house services include:

Industrial Design | Design Assistance | Prototyping | Tooling
Thin and Heavy Gauge Thermoforming | CNC Trimming and Assembly

Who We Serve

Helmy serves the entire nation and lists Fortune 500 companies as well as small innovative companies among our clients.

What We Do

Helmy specializes in plastic vacuum, thermo & pressure forming of both thin gauge and heavy gauge plastics. Our equipment and capabilities include thermoforming with either roll-fed or cut sheet-fed. Our in-house design and tooling department guarantees a smooth flow project from A-Z helping customers find economical and precision custom plastic solutions.

Why Choose Us

At Helmy, our 28 years as an industry leader has provided us with the knowledge and capabilities to back up our promises. Our clients are at the heart of what we do everyday. We cater to every project with the highest quality standards and meticulous attention to detail. Because of this we rely on an experienced, hard working, in-house team that is unrivaled in the industry.

Where to Find Us

Our 45,000 square foot building is located in San Antonio, TX. Our production facility is a strategic shipping point to anywhere in the USA. Feel free to contact us, visit us or get to know our team.

Meet the Founders

Mona Tawil Helmy


Mona graduated from University of Texas at San Antonio with a BFA in Architecture.  In 1988, with her husband Abe, they founded Helmy and Henta Corp.  Together with a team of talented designers, precision toolmakers and meticulous operators they transformed Helmy into a plastic forming industry leader.  Mona served as VP until Abe’s untimely passing in 2009.  Since 2009, Mona has been leading Helmy as a CEO with a fierce dedication to her employees and a strong commitment to her clients.

Under Mona’s leadership, Helmy continues to grow into an innovative leader in the plastic thermoforming industry.  In 2014, Mona was honored to be a winner of SABJ Business Women’s Leadership Awards.  In addition to her duties as CEO, Mona is actively involved in promoting the manufacturing industry in the San Antonio area and for products Made in the USA.  She is an active member for SAMA, NAWBO, SA100 and other organizations.

Ibrahim (Abe) F. Helmy


The story of Helmy begins with its visionary founder, Abe.  From a one-machine, two man operation, to the plastic leader it is today, Helmy owes its humble beginning to the man who approached his work everyday with the sole intention of bringing ideas to life. In 1988, Abe, a PhD graduate in Urban Design/Engineering and professor of Architecture at UTSA, developed and patented a plastic landscape system.  Being a fierce inventor and entrepreneur, he opted to manufacture the product himself, thus the start of Helmy.

Abe served as CEO until his untimely passing in 2009. Though the company started with heavy gauge forming only, Abe’s vision prompted him to add thin gauge lines.  Helmy became one of few thermoforming companies to convert both thin and heavy gauge plastics.  Abe dedicated his heart and soul to the company.  Today, Helmy operates with many of Abe’s foundational principles and continues his tradition to strive for innovation and excellence.

Community Involvement and Certificates

saint anthony orthodox church sign community involvement helmy plastics
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sa100 SAMA
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Proud Seller of Helmy Products

saint anthony orthodox church sign community involvement helmy plastics
nawbo logo women's organization
sa100 SAMA
Henta products logo

Proud Seller of Helmy Products

SCT RCA south central Texas Regional Certification Agency

ESBE SBE WBE Certification

Meet Your Full Service Plastic Thermoforming Partner


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