Tough. Custom. Affordable.

Heavy gauge thermoforming services that include prototyping and distribution.

Heavy gauge thermoforming provides exceptional products for:

P.O.P Displays | Containers | Structural Components | Panel | Trays | Housings

Helmy operates several vacuum, thermo and pressure forming lines. Because of this we are capable of producing heavy gauge oversized parts (up to 75″ x 100″ x 16″), tiny parts (as small as ¼”), and deep draw parts (up to 16″ deep).

These various heavy gauge parts are ideal for industries ranging from hospitals, stores, restaurants, buildings, gardens, automobiles, aircraft, and computers.

Our unique thermoforming techniques enable us to successfully form heavy gauge products rendered difficult or impossible by others in the industry.

We form most types of plastics including ABS, PETG, PVC, Styrene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and others.

We work with both short and long production runs and are able to color match to your sample or specification.

Do you need the finished plastic parts to match your brand? That’s no problem, we can color match to your specifications or a color sample.

Does heavy gauge thermoforming sound right for your project?


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