mona SABJWe’re excited to announce that Mona Helmy, CEO of Helmy & Henta Corp., received the Inspirational Leadership Award at the 2014 Women’s Leadership Awards hosted by The San Antonio Business Journal.

When asked to describe an event in her life that helped shaped her as a leader, Mona answered,”When I took over the company, the bank that we had been with for years and years decided to call in the line of credit and close us down. They did not have faith in me. That event made me realize that you can’t depend on anybody. You have to make it, and you have to do it by not relying on anyone.”

Mona’s inspirational leadership and drive are a huge part of what makes us the successful company that we are. When asked about the person in her life who helped shape her as a leader, Mona told San Antonio Business Journal about her father’s role; “My dad moved to this country from Syria. He quit a solid job, cashed in all of his retirement and at the age of 50 came to America and started a restaurant business. He moved all of us kids here because he saw a better life for us.”┬áToday we continue to serve the nation as a plastic forming industry leader with small innovative companies and Fortune 500 companies as our clients. We’re very proud of our CEO and the inspirational leadership qualities that make her awesome! Read the write up in The San Antonio Business Journal.



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